About the designer

My real name is Quek Teng Wan, but Somewan (pronounced as "someone") is used because its easier for our brains to remember.

Previously graduated with a BA Hons in Visual Communication and a Diploma in Industrial design. Currently, I am a Senior Product Designer working at Zendesk/Zopim. Prior to a product role, I was the key Graphic Designer at Zopim and designed all aspects of the Zopim branding which followed by the Zopim-Zendesk acquisition in 2014.

With the passion to ideate and simplify our daily digital experiences, my day-to-day work comprises of a product focused role designing product experiences/interfaces for chat web-applications at Zendesk.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with stray cats, drawing, reading, watching nature and documentaries.

"Say hi to me at [email protected]"