Zopboy is a character design for Zopim, one of world's most popular live chat company that started in 2007. This series of illustration and branding was created from scratch in 2012 when I became a full-time in-house designer at the company. As you can see, our goal was to portray a fun and approachable brand image to our customers. The illustrations are well-liked by employees and customers which eventually caught the eyes of the Zendesk executives. We got acquired by Zendesk in 2014 and the rest is history.

The following is the birth of the mascot. The first series of elevator pitch illustration for website that addresses the unique selling points for the product, namely: Delight your web visitors. Know your customers. Respond instantly. Engage pro-actively.

The whole volume of Zopboy characters created for different marketing and product collaterals

Events and festival banners